teachers & organizer

The teachers and organizer for our weekend have been deeply involved with teaching, researching, performing, and/or promoting historic dance for several decades. These three folks share a passion for the music and dance that Richard and Angela teach, and their collaboration on this event promises to make it a memorable occasion for you!


The Colorado dancers once again welcome Richard Powers, one of the world's foremost experts in American social dance.  He has been researching and reconstructing contemporary and historic social dances for over thirty years, and is currently a full-time instructor at Stanford University.  Selected by the Centennial Issue of Stanford Magazine as one of Stanford University's most notable graduates of its first century, he was also presented the Lloyd Dinkelspiel Award for exceptional contributions to education at Stanford. 

In addition to his Stanford responsibilities, Richard is busy teaching workshops across this country and in Europe, and is a popular teacher in Japan where he has returned over 20 times to teach workshops. In recent years, he has developed a close relationship with the Russian vintage dance community, and travels there regularly to teach.

 Informative, clear, and with a sense of humor, Richard brings a deep knowledge of dance history and a wonderful philosophy to enhance your dancing experience.  We are delighted to once again bring Richard back to Colorado, one of his favorite states where he spent time many years before coming back to teach!

We also welcome back Angela Amarillas, who has assisted Richard in his classes and workshops for many years. Angela, who was Stanford University’s first Dance Minor, is a graceful and knowledgeable dancer who shares Richard's passion for historical and vernacular social dance. Richard and Angela have taught and performed in Rome, Prague, Venice, London, Paris, Provence, and St. Petersburg, as well as across the United States.

Richard and Angela's collaborative teaching style is 1+1=3! We are delighted to share this very special weekend with their expert teaching, historical perspective, and joyful execution of waltz and swing, as well as other historic and vernacular dances.


Prior to moving to the Bay Area, California, Marilyn Chartrand lived and danced in the Boulder/Denver area for nearly three decades.  She was active in the leadership of the Boulder International Folk Dancers during the 1970s, and performed with and directed the Narodno Ethnic Music and Dance Ensemble aka Tapestry for 15 years.  She met Richard in 1987 at a dance week back east, hired him to teach his Ragtime choreography to Narodno,  and has been enjoying his teaching in many venues since.   Marilyn has been a vintage dancer for over 25 years, attending vintage dance events in the U.S., Europe, and Russia.  She has hosted Richard and Angela in Denver/Boulder ballrooms every 1-2 years since 1998 for waltz, historic tango, and swing weekends, and has always said, "waltz is the best dance ever!"