schedule & Attire

June 9-11, 2017

Basic Weekend Package $175/person

Tea Dance with Music from the Movies $35/person



Friday speakeasy (basic weekend package)

 Mr. Rodney Sauer, Silent Film Aficionado!

Mr. Rodney Sauer, Silent Film Aficionado!

With Prohibition in effect from 1920–1933, speakeasies proliferated!  We will recreate a delightful evening with a silent film, followed by our opening dance.  Expect speakeasy snacks and drinks, as well as fine music! We will be treated to wonderful piano music by our silent film expert Rodney Sauer,  nationally renowned Founder and Director of the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, who will bring his deep knowledge of the silent cinema to our evening!  Our film will be followed by our opening dance, accompanied in lively style by Mr. Sauer!



The Barn at Frank and Dorothy Vernon's,  11965 Wasatch Rd, Longmont 

Note: travel to this beautiful rural dance floor is by car.  We will arrange a carpool meet up spot in Boulder for those who wish to "spare the air."  Here is a map from Boulder (Allow more time than you see on this map, as it will be rush hour!) If you should stray from the map and get lost, you can call Frank or Dorothy at 303-443-9415 or 303-725-3647 for help. 

 Wow - there is a wonderful cushioned dance floor inside  The Barn !

Wow - there is a wonderful cushioned dance floor inside The Barn!


77:30pm arrive

7:3010pm Silent film and Opening Dance


20's costuming is optional, but for those of you who wish, ladies may choose to don a flapper dress, a boa, and/or headband, and gents can easily give a nod to the era with suspenders, striped or light-colored collared shirt, and cotton trousers. If you have a straw boater or fedora, feel free to wear it!  And, if costuming is not your thing, please come anyway to enjoy the '20's ambiance and meet, greet, and dance with those attending our weekend!

saturday/sunday Dance workshops (basic weekend package)


Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe, Boulder Map

                       It may not LOOK like a beautiful ballroom from the outside, but wait until you get INSIDE...

                      It may not LOOK like a beautiful ballroom from the outside, but wait until you get INSIDE...

     ...a 5000 sq feet cushioned dance floor!

    ...a 5000 sq feet cushioned dance floor!


Saturday 8:45am4:30pm  includes catered box lunch

Saturday 5pm  no-host onsite pizza/salad or dine out on your own. Plenty of time and room at Avalon to change for the Ball

Sunday 9:30am2pm  Includes catered box lunch

Sunday 2pm  optionally leave for the Tea Dance (15- minute drive from Avalon + time to park)

Note: a more detailed teaching schedule will be published closer to the weekend.


We recommend casual and comfy. If you tend to perspire profusely, please consider bringing several shirts—your partners will be appreciative! Flat or character shoes will work well for women, and all shoes should turn easily on our beautiful cushioned wood floor. Dance shoes are preferable, but if you wear smooth-soled street shoes for dancing, we will ask you to wipe off the soles before entering the ballroom to protect the floor.

Saturday art deco Ball (basic weekend package)

where:                                                                       time:

Avalon Ballroom                                                                           7:30–10:30pm

            We'll have as much fun as Fred and Ginger at the Ball!

           We'll have as much fun as Fred and Ginger at the Ball!



We will dance to live music provided by The Exuberant Quintet, which plays lively, fresh takes on classic dance music. Anchored by founding members Eric Moon, piano and accordion and vocalist Susan Rogers, the group will be joined by violinist Julia Hays, percussionist Jill Fredericksson and bassist Charlie Merton. The Exuberant Quintet is known for its high energy and improvisatory style.

Susan Rogers has been performing vintage popular songs for nigh on 30 years with the Mont Alto Ragtime and Tango Orchestra, and more recently with The Exuberant Quintet. She is also active on the nursing home circuit, delighting the older crowd with her renditions of “their” music. She is active in the music theater community, both as a performer and composer of incidental music for new plays, and has been a vintage dancer for many years. 

Eric Moon has worked with many kinds of musicians, has written music for National TV advertising, scored original compositions for full orchestra, and scored for independent films.  He has designed factory sounds for synthesizers, and currently plays western swing, pop music, New Orleans folk, orchestral metal, improvisational EDM, and blues.  He also does studio work around the Colorado Front Range, and has been credited on more than a hundred recordings in the past 5 years.

Charles Parker Mertens is a Denver-based bassist, cellist, and producer. He is a versatile player that plays many genres of music including, swing, hip-hop, funk, Latin, bluegrass, world, and Jazz.  He strives to be authentic and aware of culture in any style that he is playing.

Ball attire:

The costume theme for this Art Deco Ball spans from the 1920s to the 1940s.  Our music will include tunes from those decades, as well as broader selections of waltz, swing, and other music.  If you do not have vintage or replica vintage evening clothing, we request that you dress up in contemporary evening wear so that the ambiance of our ball is dressy. Ladies who do not have period or contemporary ball wear can add to the period spirit with a long skirt and blouse, and gents can wear a tie (especially a bow tie, and the ladies LOVE it when gentlemen wear a suit or tailcoat or dinner jacket!) to join in the fun. We ask you to leave your jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and the like at home!

afternoon tea dance with movie music! 



Our Tea Dance will be held on the 1918 dance floor of the Chautauqua Community House. This is an optional event, priced separately. The space is smaller than the Avalon Ballroom, so tickets will be more limited than the Avalon events. Enjoy Richard Powers DJ'd movie music, along with catered tea goodies!

where: Chautauqua Community HOuse

900 Baseline Road, Boulder  


when: sunday 2:30-4:45pm


Afternoon dressy attire, vintage or modern.. Please - no jeans, t-shirts, shorts, or the like.