registration DETAILS

Basic Weekend Package

$140 Early Bird through June 23.  $160 June 24+

$20 Cancellation fee if cancelled by June 23. No refunds June 24+

Package includes:

  • Friday evening Speakeasy with silent film(s) and our opening dance
  • Saturday and Sunday daytime workshops with catered box lunches
  • Saturday Evening 1910s+ Ball

See  Schedule & Attire for details


Know at least a basic turning waltz, and be comfortable with your leading or following skills


Toward the goal of having happy dancers during the weekend, registration will be balanced with leader/follower roles. 

Role balancing is only to assure that we have as close to an equal number of partners as we can.  Richard will rotate partners frequently, so you will not necessarily be partnered with your registration partner for the classes.  Who you partner with during our social events is totally up to you!!

Wait List - We typically run a follower's wait list until closer to the event for those waiting to be balanced by leaders. After you receive the automated email that your registration is complete, if you are on a wait list, you will be notified by a personalized email that you are on a wait list, and again, when you clear the list.  In the unlikely event that you do not clear the wait list, you will receive a full refund.  If you pay by check, your check will not be cashed until you clear the wait list.  If you are on a wait list after the price goes up, and a solo partner registers at the higher price to balance your registration, you will still be paying the Early Bird price. If you register, get onto the wait list, and then track down a registration partner, please notify us who this partner is before he registers.  Otherwise, you risk his taking the  follower off the wait list who is in the #1 awaiting spot.

Followers  - if you register with a registration partner, make sure they meet the prerequisite of knowing a basic turning waltz who is comfie with his leading skills. Registering with a "warm body" who doesn't meet the prerequisite will do a great disservice to the rest of the followers during the weekend when they dance with that partner!

Leaders - we are opening registration earlier than usual this year due to the high interest from out-of-staters who would like to attend and need to make travel plans. Thus if you are registering as a solo leader, we ask you to sign up sooner than later.  The waitlisted followers will REALLY appreciate coming off the list sooner!

Registration limits

Registration will be limited by the size of the ballroom. Richard Powers weekends often sell out, so register early to assure you get a spot!

1915 brochure

1915 brochure

Optional mountain monday

See Mountain Monday for details. No gender balancing for Monday.


Enos Mills, founder of Rocky Mountain National Park, with early tourists

Enos Mills, founder of Rocky Mountain National Park, with early tourists

We have limited space for both the Trolley Tour and the Tea Dance (more limited than the Basic Package ballroom, so do not delay registering if you wish to attend either or both events!)  Basic Package registered attendees will be given priority for these events, and unless we unexpectedly do not fill both Monday events, they will not be open to the public. If you have a friend or family member who is interested in attending either or both of the Monday events, but is not attending the Basic Weekend Package, email or and we will put them on a wait list.  Waitlisted Basic Package folks will be at the top of this wait list ahead of anyone not registering for the Basic Package  If, much closer to July 27, there are any Monday spots left, we will fill them with folks from the Trolley Tour and Tea Dance wait lists.

Trolley tour of rocky mountain national park $30












Early visitors to the Stanley Hotel

Early visitors to the Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel

Afternoon Tea Dance $50




registration system

This registration system works best (and easiest) if you pay by credit card.  Really, we recommend it!! :)

NOTE: Your registration is not complete and accepted until we have your payment in hand, either by credit card or check!

When you click the button below to start your registration process, you will notice that the Monday events say the Trolley Tour cost is "from $30" and the Tea Dance cost is "from $50."  The prices actually are $30 and $50, respectively, but we set it up so you can pay for you and your partner both at the same time; thus you can select 1 or 2 Trolleys or Tea Dances (only if you are paying by credit card.)

credit card (visa, mastercard, discover, american express...this is a secure system.)

  1. SOLO REGISTRANTS: Fill out the Basic Weekend Package form and select a quantity of 1 for each of the Monday events if you are going to them.  Then check out and pay with your card.
  2. PARTNERS PAYING SEPARATELY.  Same as #1; be sure to put your partner's name in the form.
  3. PARTNERS REGISTERING TO BE PAID TOGETHER BY ONE OF THE PARTNERS: Fill out 2 separate Basic Pkg forms, and then select a quantity of 2 on both the Trolley Tour and Tea Dance if you are going to them.  The check out and pay. The person who has paid will receive a confirmation email that we have received payment.


  1. SOLO AND PARTNERED REGISTRANTS:  Regardless of whether you are paying and/or registering for 1 or 2, a separate registration form and optional Monday events must go into the Shopping Cart and the order completed so that it is completely handled as  one transaction, not a pair of partners as the system is able to do with credit card payment.
  2. PAYMENT PAGE: use the Coupons below the totals to zero out the total so that it will let you escape from the system without paying with a credit card.  Use these codes for the Coupons:

Basic Weekend Package: CheckBasic

Trolley Tour: CheckTrolley

Tea Dance: CheckTea

        3. CHECK PAYMENT: After each individual order is submitted, each will get a confirmation email.  If you are paying for 2, you may then send one check if you wish, combining the amounts for both people.   Then right away, make your check out to Marilyn Chartrand, and mail to:

Dorothy Vernon

11965 Wasatch Rd. 

Longmont, CO 80504


  • If you fill out your registration form, you then hit the Submit button at the bottom and nothing happens, scroll back up until you see a red box with an error message.  Likely you forgot to fill out a required field.  Fill it out and then try the Submit button again, and it should then be fine.
  • After you register for the Basic Package and Submit, and it tells you it is "Added", click the BACK TO EVENTS LIST link  to visit the next event for which you want to register.